Business Rates the Truth

The Council says ” The VOA sets rateable values (RV’s) for every commercial property in the country” True “And we have no control over this” this is At best Misleading Click Image to Enlarge.   The VOA base their rateable … Continued

EU – Richard Harrington MP makes the case for Remain – We Respond for Leave

I have had a few people suggest that we should be more balanced in our approach to the EU referendum. Given the track record of our Government I struggle to see why, but in the interests of a full debate … Continued

Living Wage Statistics

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KPMG’s article “The Living Wage” shows earnings falling further behind the cost of living. Markit, KPMG’s research company estimate the Living Wage to equates to £7.45 per hour outside of London. The number of people in the UK earning less … Continued

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