Welwyn and Hatfield Chamber of Commerce is a Not for Profit Organisation formed in 1929 to help businesses.

COVID 19 has taught us once and for all that it is business who pick up the bills, and business who will have to pull us out of this mess. We accept that challenge, because it is in our nature, to manage risk and find new opportunities.

We recognise that it takes real business experience to advise growing businesses. This is not an academic excercise or a public sector support scam. It is about using real experience and contacts to help you make better decisions and implement them successfully.

We are doing this through the Chamber Ambassadors who are experienced business people we have come to know and trust over the past decade. We can vouch for their skills because they have been our “go to” resource for our own businesses.

Their skills cover Marketing (Customer Acquisition and Retention) –  Export (Finding new markets)

IT (Software and Hardware support)  – Raising finance  –  Buying and Selling businesses

Risk Management (Corporate Restructuring, Insurance and risk isolation) – Learn a Language (Translations)

HR (Resource, Team Building, Recruitment, Softer Skills Management) –

Strategy Development (Stretch) – Non Execs (Board support) – Professional (Accounting and Legal) –

Property matters (Finding the right premises and signing the right lease) – Franchises (Clone your business) –

Social Media (Content – e Publishing – Target markets)  – Become a Published Author


By joining the Chamber Growth Club, they can help you.


Introducing the Chamber Ambassadors in Alphabetical order:-




Mark Ward – Predator IT – Cyber Security

Chamber Growth Club members



Membership is £50 a year.

In return the Chamber :-

  • Organises Networking Events, these may be purely Social or of an informative nature
  • Provides Free Training Guides, with the opportunity to obtain advice from centres of excellence that the members have recommended
  • Organises training, often at significant discounts, where we can organise economies of scale
  • Provides access to expertise, by recommending temporary staff or interim directors
  • Introduces members to sources of finance, be that Lending or Equity based
  • Helps with Business Plans, Crown Debt Management

Please explore this site for further details.