The Chamber Growth Club

“Building Safe and Sustainable Businesses”

Who is it for?

If you are running an established business and want to grow your business safely and sustainably, this is for you.

Growth Club Membership

Is a committment to help your local community. There is an Annual Renewable cost of £225, which entitles you to discounted access events, and support materials. Typically that discount is 25%. So for our £10 events, members pay £7.50. This enables you to have 30 people attend events over a year, or they can be spent on training.

Once you have attended three events at Non membership rates there is an expectation that you will join The Chamber Growth Club, both to save you money and for us to better plan the year.

How does it work?

“Be Prepared” for your next opportunity.

The Chamber Growth Club will invite you to a series of events that will help you and your staff to “Be Prepared”, for whatever life throws at you. If you are prepared, it is an opportunity. At our online Conference Events, you can


  1. Sit at a table with people considering the same opportunites (See Table Layout)
  2. Become Involved – Provide feedback as to your future areas of interest
  3. Obtain a Free Checklist before the event, of questions your should be able to answer for your business. If you can’t answer some – “You are not Alone”.  This is where you can gain some insights, to help you and your team
  4. Join a supportive club of like-minded people
  5. If you want to follow up on the conversation you can book appointments there and then ***
  6. If you would like additional online training you can join The Chamber Growth Club and gain access to online training and CPD tests and certificates.
  7. Mix with people who deliver these solutions for a living, have real insights, from extensive experiences, are decent people, who have your best interests at heart and are accountable to each other.


“We are committed to continous adult development and creating Learning Organisations”

“If you want to go Fast, Go Alone. If you want to go far, Go Together”



Each table in the workshop session is hosted by a Club Ambassador, who facilitates discussions and offers advice where appropriate.

Our approach is to help you to help yourself, by offering solutions that work, enabling you to map a path to follow, and access expert advice and guidance as and when you need it.

Subjects for discussion are identified by Club Ambassadors, Club Members and through surveys conducted with Chamber Members and the broader local business community.

How can you get involved?

Potential Business Growth Club Members are introduced by a Growth Club Ambassador to attend a breakfast event and subsequently invited to join the Club. Chamber Members can also apply to upgrade their membership to join the Growth Club. Club Members may be invited subsequently to take on a Chamber Ambassador role.

What does it cost?

The cost for the first visit is £25, thereafter you have the opportunity to sign up for an annual membership for £200, payable in advance. This will be in addition to your £50 annual Chamber membership.


Attending 10 breakfast networking meetings identifying potential barriers to growth and developing solutions with subject experts and other Club Members.

Dialogue and interaction with other Club Members, finding solutions that work.

Business networking opportunities from Club activities.

Dialogue with other members in the Club’s exclusive LinkedIn Group.

How do I join?

CLICK HERE   Visit our Shop and and purchase Chamber Growth Club Membership