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“The Chamber Growth Club is a forum for like-minded, ambitious  business owners to meet one another and access speakers, subject-matter experts and training resources who can help you grow your business”.

WHO is it for? Likeminded ambitious business owners and their staff

WHAT do I get?

  1. Online conference style meeting opportunity. Safe and Convenient.
  2. An opportunity to:
    1. Belong to a business community and share expertise
    2. Meet business people with a proven track record of solving problems
    3. Engage with other business people in an innovative environment, sharing ideas, identifying opportunities, gaining access to skills
    4. Think through, with your staff, the opportunities available and how well placed you are to deliver against those opportunities
    5. Complete Check lists and Slider based Surveys that help you to identify What you know, and what you don’t (In development)
    6. Consider that “Now you know what you don’t know” Who needs to go up that learning curve within your organisation? In house / support
    7. Deeper dive into the things you don’t know, and sit at a conference table with an expert and other people with the same issues
    8. To train your staff and yourself with Chamber Certificated tests in the areas of interest (In development)
    9. Raise the quality of debate, buy in and empowerment, within your organization
    10. Do so very cost effectively. £10 per event or £200 for the year, including training.

“We are building a business community that seeks to help and support each other. We would very much like you to be involved. Your expertise will be a real value to our community, and where you need access to expertise, we will help you to identify new opportunities and introduce you to trusted people with experience in those areas.”

What do I do Next?

  1. Go to www.welhatchamber.co.uk/events and book for the next event.
  2. Please familiarise yourself with the content on the chamber website www.welhatchamber.co.uk/about  for ambassadors details.
  3. Please click on the links below to see your Checklists. We have looked at the following areas:
      1. Growing your business safely and sustainably
      2. Identifying upside opportunities
      3. Managing downside risks
      4. Getting you the best price, when you are ready to sell

The links below, in no particular order, cover the areas that we hope will help you to achieve those goals.

Have a look, see what you think. We are developing, more detailed drill downs into many of the areas, and should your staff wish to become involved, we are developing tests and certifications for their CPD.


March 2021 Presentation

Your Checklists

Marketing and Communications


Company Balance

Protecting your business from risk

Selling Your Business

Franchising your Business

Raising finance


Getting the best out of your staff

Creative and Design

Learning a Foreign Language

Accounts planning and deal making

Corporate Finance – Legal – Doing the deal


Wealth Management

Risk Management – Insurance

Your Mini – Video Training Courses

Mini Videos

Your Check list Drill Downs

Watch this space. In development

Your Tests and Certification

Tech sorted. Writing Content


We are Reviewing Surveymoney – More to come