Who is it for?

Full membership is designed for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.

How does it work?

Our aim is to help you to help yourselves and your staff, without taking large risks or spending too much money.

We have a friendly membership who will welcome you, with whom you can network and build relationships.

We can also help introduce you to people with real business experience of solving your problems.

When you are ready to spend a bit more, we hope you will join The Chamber Growth Club.

What does it cost?

The annual membership is £50

What do you get?

A very warm welcome, and:-

  1. 1/2 page A4 copy on a blog page that is referenced in the Chamber newsletter, that goes out to some 750 local business decision makers.
  2. A Survey designed to help you identify the current barriers to growth in your business.
  3. Access to written guides on the various growth stages of your business. (These are available for free from the Chamber Shop using a Chamber discount code)
  4. Access to videos designed to help you and your staff think through what you are going to do next. (These are in development and are available from the Chamber shop.
  5. Our newsletter that covers topical issues.
  6. Free Networking events
  7. Other paid events usually involving a speaker and a meal
  8. Upgrade opportunity to The Chamber Growth Club, or to become A Chamber Ambassador
  9. Friendly advice when you need it.
  10. Discounted membership of our e-Publishing Group.

We also value your thoughts on how we can best understand your problems and help you solve them.