This page is designed to provide you with a list of questions to help you identify the areas that you are unsure about.

The objective is to make you aware of them, so you can be prepared, for when they become relevant to your business.

We see this as an iterative or circular, rather than a linear, process. As your business grows, you go round the loop gaining the sophistication necessary to manage the evolving complexities and opportunities in your market. It is always a matter of keeping it as simple as possible, but under that umbrella you move from micro management and control, into people management and empowerment. The challenge becoming

How do you keep your people aligned with your vision, whilst adapting to changing customer needs?

Here is the checklist

  1. What are your Emotional brand values?
  2. What are the Rational pillars upon which they sit?
  3. Do your Staff understand why and believe in these values?
  4. Do your Customers understand why and believe in these values?
  5. How do you Know? Have you asked them?
  6. What are your Target Markets?
  7. How do your group them? By Product range or by Customer Needs?
  8. What are your Messages to each target market?
  9. How do your Measure ROI (Return on Investment)?
  10. How do you Identify changing Customer Needs and aspirations?
  11. How do you Communicate these to your staff?
  12. How does customer feedback drive Change in your organisation?
  13. How do you facilitate Innovation?
  14. How do you Empower your staff to create a leaning organisation?
  15. How do your Staff Communicate progress, seek guidance, and meet milestones?

At ths point we move into the roll of staff managment and review.