Smart Cameras on Motorways – Beware

Dear all,

I saw this, as they say, and thought of you.

We are all very busy, and I don’t know about you, but I thought you get 3 miles an hour plus 5% of the speed limit, as a concession from the Police on speed limits.

So i thought that on a 70mph motorway, you can drive at 76.5 plus a speedometer error of 5mph = 80mph and you will be fine.

However, it would seem that the Smart Camera’s tolerance level is nil.

I phoned our local Police Inspector, who said they had not heard about this, however, the limit is 70 mph. She had noticed a lot more people being flashed by speed cameras lately.

So here is a map of where they are M1, M25 and M6 predominantly. Leave earlier for meetings, take it easy and see if you notice lots more flashing speed cameras.

Safe driving!


Click to enlarge map

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  1. Clive Godsave
    | Reply

    Thanks. Very useful. However I am unclear whether the cameras are set to what a car speedometer says or true speed which could be up to 10% difference? The Sat Nav usually shows true speed as does some of the speed indicators. Some advise would be useful on this but I don’t know who could give a definitive answer?.

    • nick brown
      | Reply

      Clive hi,
      Good to hear from you. Cameras are set to real speed not car speedo speed.

      Trust all is well with you. See you next Wednesday.


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