Spring Budget 2015

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The Chancellor has had less room to manouver due to the reduced performance of the economy. He is basically looking to match Public sector spending to tax income by 2020. He should do this, far quicker, by cutting public sector … Read More

Thrive and Survive in Business – Chapter 1

This month we are launching my new book, “Thrive and Survive in Business” We think that to Thrive and Survive in Business, you need to Adapt to the ever faster changing customer needs in the market Have the ability to … Read More

Current Fraud Trends

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Dear all, I am reliably informed that this is the current fashion in the fraud world. You might want to inform your accounts team that there has been a number of recent attempts by fraudsters to impersonate companies.  The fraudsters … Read More

March HR Review

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An eye-watering record According to the Guardian newspaper, Dr Farhan Hussain Zaidi began 99 discrimination claims against 15 NHS trusts between October 2012 and July 2013.  Moorfield Eye Hospital alone faced 75 claims. Dr Zaidi claimed he had been discriminated … Read More