This page provides a series of questionaires about your relationship with your customers

Whether you are a start up, or an established business looking for new products / markets, or an established business looking to scale, the questions will be similar. The answers will be very different.

Below you will find links to the various forms and an explanation, or you can view the questions below.

Please watch the Video in the Shop called What is Marketing. It will help you with this course.

Course Overview

Customer 1 WHO do you do it for? Your Target Markets

Customer 2  WHY do you do it – Because you believe —-

Customer 3 WHAT you do – The Proof that you believe

Customer 4 HOW do you do it – Building Trust over time – Loyal customer

Customer 5 WHO needs you and WHY

The course helps you to think through

  1. Your different target markets, WHO do you provide a service to. Try to group them together, based upon price points.
  2. WHY should they choose you? because you believe ..
  3. WHAT do you do for each target market group The Proof you believe. Your cashflow today
  4. HOW are you building trust over time .Your cashflow tomorrow
  5.  WHO Needs you and WHY .Does it all fit together.


Course Overview



Customer 1 WHO

Customer 2 WHY


Customer 3 WHAT


Customer 4 HOW

HOW to Build trust over time


Customer 5 WHO and WHY



A Worked Example