Welcome to our HR Checklist. Supplied by Matthew Pinto-Chilcott of Consensus HR

Feel free to go down the list, any questions you may have, ask Matthew at our next meeting. See Events Page.


Mission Statement:  Helping Companies take the pain out of managing people whilst preventing people problems.


Our Values:

  • Integrity – we will ensure integrity is offered at all times with our team, clients & industry
  • Service – we provide the best service available whilst being the best HR & Employment Law Consultancy of choice
  • Adventure – we are all on this adventure together and provide support for our and our clients companies
  • Team – work as a team win or lose
  • Supportive – We support our clients ensuring what we provide is up to date & best practice and within the law
  • Open – We are open, assume the best, do the right thing and make it count


HR & Employment Law Checklist


  1. What are your company Values & Mission Statement?
  2. Where do you envisage your company going in the next 12 months?
  3. What are the roles you will require – Accountabilities, titles, salaries etc, creating of Job Descriptions
  4. How will you identify the correct salary for the role? Are you going to pay low, median or high salaries once the information has been obtained?
  5. How are we going to recruit? What is the company’s Strategy, Job Centre, Recruitment Agencies etc?
  6. What will be your recruitment strategy? 1 interview, 2 interviews? Will be get them to demonstrate a task or complete a Psychometric questionnaire?
  7. What types of Contract are the employees going to be on (This has to be provided from day one following recent Employment Law changes – Employee, Worker, Zero hours etc)?
  8. What pre-employment information are we going to send them? Contract, Employee Handbook, Starter form to get their personal details such as name, address, bank details etc.
  9. How are we going to ensure the new recruits join & have a comprehensive induction, welcome to the company and its Values, Mission Statement, objectives & Policies & Procedures. Is there an Organisation structure (or is the first employee)? Is it going to be 121 away from the workplace?  What documents are they going to be asked to read, sign & date to confirm understanding & what they are signing?  How will this be presented / communicated taking into account various learning styles, Visual, Auditory & Kinaesthetic?  Who will do this?
  10. How are we going to ensure under the General Data Protection Regulations that all information obtained and retained is done so legally?
  11. How will we ensure they have all the personal / company tools required to be successful within the role? Regular reviews initially, maybe a mentor, shadowing, Identify development needs?  How will the development be provided?
  12. What Performance reviews will we be doing with them? 6 monthly, yearly? What is the company strategy? What will be the process, how will the new team member play a key part in this? Emphasising it is the employees review to ensure it is a place of choice to work.  Will the values be included in this?
  13. How are we going to retain all the employee’s information and make it easily accessible and user / employee friendly to gain access if needed?
  14. What is going to be the company strategy on keeping the team updated on company / employee events? Will we have a quarterly newsletter, employee suggestion scheme?  (These are foundations that could be started one the first team members have been employed but will ensure all the team are kept up to date on what is happening within the business including current turnover etc)
  15. Are there going to be an employee incentive / benefits? Bonuses – cash or an away day or personal choice of product such as food shopping, gold ring, Birthday card, Christmas card, Pay reviews, when?
  16. How will you continually review / measure your HR strategy & ROI for the business?