In Support of our Banks

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Dear Members, Following our earlier posts, I have had a number of banks on the phone, saying that Relationship Managers and Credit Teams are working long hours to process the large volume of requests The Loans are typically a few … Read More

Pension Funds

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Dear Members It might be worth checking your pension funds. Mine with Scottish Widows has just taken a 20% hit. Who is going to compensate us for those losses? Lobby your MP. This was avoidable. Governments have been negligent. Nick

Its getting nasty in the Economy

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As creditworthyness starts to fail, the banking system house of cards fails with it. Banks are calling in loans as travel companies loose creditworthyness. Roll Royce has cashflow problems because 1/3 of their income comes from travel. This is fast … Read More

3 Counties Radio 27th March

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Dear Ambassadors, Here we are on Three Counties Radio, supporting the local business community. Thank you all for your support Have a listen, and if it helps you here is the landing page Keep Safe   Nick

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