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You will probably have see our e-Publishing Group appearing on the events pages. Well Thrive and Survive in Business is the fruit of my labour, and I hope you will like it.

The book has 12 Chapters dealing with each of the growth stages of a business.

I think that most businesses are so busy chasing the next sale that they often run out of time to plan the next stage of their business. Further, when they get to the next problem, they buy in help at short notice and have very little chance of finding the right help first time round.

The book has some insights, but does not claim to have all the answers, It does however look to help you identify which questions you know the answer to and where you might have a skills gap. I have provided some cartoons to put a smile on your face, courtecy of my friend Steve Harris

Once you have read a Chapter there is room at the end for you to add a link to your own details, or contribute an article that demonstrates your expertise and how you can help.

Just submit your article to me on, we will review and post it. This service is currently free to Members. In this manner we are building a community of trusted suppliers and advisors who can genuinely solve peoples problems.  Each article can build into your marketing material, and could be used as Chapters for your book should you choose to become a published Author via our e-Publishing Group

Opportunities to become involved

Over the comming months  we will publish one of the following Chapters of the book in the Newsletter

The reality of being in business


Working with People


Cash Flow and Gross Profit


Raising Finance

Team Building



Exit Strategy and


It is our objective to help you Thrive and Survive in Business by helping you identify your current barriers to growth and to find ways around, over, under or through those barriers by finding you the right help at each stage.

We talk about ” Understanding and delivering against our members’ goals” this is one way we are doing this

If you want to go fast –  Go Alone

If you want to go far – Go Together

So you can write from one page of A4, through to your own book. What you say will be vetted by the Chamber Community, if you are good at what you do you will have the support and Authority of the Chamber Community. Where there are areas for improvement, you will receive constructive criticism, from experenced business people. In this manner we intend to grow our economy and reduce our National Debt. That is important.

  1. Andrew Watkin
    | Reply

    Nick, this sounds an interesting and useful initiate. I’d be happy to write some “short” articles on some of the topics listed above.

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