We are delighted to announce the Launch of our e-Publishing Group. Meetings are held on the First Wednesday of every month. Please see our EVENTS page for details.

The Objective of the group is to help local businesses and Authors to think through what they want to say to their readerships.

This can range in commitment from a page of A4 through Social and Marketing Content, to writing a book.  We find that the Marketing content can often build into the Chapters of a book, and can say with confidence that there is nothing quite like writing a book to focus the mind and to make you an Authority on your chosen subject.

The events are free of charge, however should you decide to become a published Author we have arranged a special deal for Chamber Members. To join our e-Publishing group  CLICK HERE  and use the following Coupon Code WHCAUP14J99 this will get you a fee reduced from around £100 to £75 for your first publication.

If you are not a Chamber member you can CLICK HERE to Join. Annual Membership is only £50.


We run the events on a Three Monthly Rolling Format, but you can start at any point.


1/. Why, What, How?              Why e-Publishing, What does it Cost and How to get started

2/. Developing Content           Developing Your Thoughts, Working as a team, Author Buddies

3/. Building your Brand          The Promotion and Selling of your content


Links to Slide Shows

Why e-Publishing?                     Why does it work? How it can Work for You?

What you get                            What you get and how it works – your questions answered

7 Tips to Authors of eBooks       Things to think about when planning an e-booklet

Useful Links for Authors

The Authors’ Homepage            Start Here

The Authors’ Forum                   Ask Questions, Share your Knowledge, Talk to other Authors

Affilliate Microsite                       Paid up Affilliates

Terms and Conditions                So we know where we are and what to expect.



So WHY have we set up an e-publishing Group?

Well we think it is a better way for you to get the right type of high margin repeat business you are lookimng for to scale your organisation.

We think it is the internet – come to new business networking.

Clearly online will never replace face to face trust building, but we do think it can help you to:-

  1. Better define Why you are in business – Your Beliefs
  2. Better define How your business can help your Customers
  3. Better define What your business does
  4. Have your thoughts reviewed and approved by your potential customers
  5. Become a published Author
  6. Build Trust more effectively and more quickly
  7. Improve your SEO rankings
  8. Build a source of income – Book Sales


HOW does it work?

Well we think that people will buy from you under the following circumstances:-

  1. When either – you have a compelling offer – or when customers see they are missing out
  2. When they Trust you
  3. When they are good and ready – and not before

We can help you define that compelling offer

By becoming a Published Author, reviewed by your peers, you will be more Trusted from the outset

You will be able to stay front of mind more effectively, so they will purchase from you when they are ready


We are often asked about effective networking groups.

Where are they?

Which is the best?

Why are there so many?

Why do they come and go so often?

We have had a think about this, and we think that groups of people hoping to sell to each other need a way of identifying the good guys..

We think that people working together to deliver some common cause that demonstrate their skills to each other, often work together very well, and hence do business together.

So our e-Publishing group looks to better understand where it is that businesses need help and support, and how it is that a group member’s skills and experience might be of use to those business needs.

We then help the group member to communicate those skills in an e-booklet, and publish it online with Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

We promise this does help focus the mind.

Carl French our Publisher will help with all the technology and specific advice. We will help with support, focus, reviews of your booklet on Amazon and generally supporting you in your business Journey.

Now that feels like a networking group where your skills could be appreciated and to which you could add value.

This can also make a real difference to your online web presence and google rankings.

By way of a very credible example of SEO try searching on Google for “Social Media Expert”. One of Carl’s clients and business partners Adam Gray will come up on the first page under the paid ads. Think what that would cost using Google Ad Words. Adam is now published in hard copy by Pearson his book is called “Brilliant Social Media”

We recognise that writing copy for a booklet is a bit of a journey, Carl estimates 30 hours per booklet. So in line with the Chamber principle of Go Fast Go Alone, Go Far Go Together, we have set up our e – publishing group headed up by

Annie Page Author of How to Get up off the Sofa and Start Running

If you would like to join the group, get published, have some fun and meet other businesses for effective networking purposes, then email me on nick@welhatchamber.co.uk