Public sector costs triple as the money runs out

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This post runs in parallel with Whatever it takes – Unless we cant afford it

The reality is that the money is running out, and the people we pay to look after our interests and solve the problems our public sector are doing two things, in fact what they do best, taking ever more of our money for not solving the problems.

In fact 4 times the amount they took in 1990. and yet

  1. They were completely unpreapared for C19 despite warnings from all over the world See Bill Gates Ted Lecture 2015
  2. They completely failed to stop the planes, and yet New Zealand and South Korea knew what to do. All they had to do was ask
  3. Having proactively imported the virus from all over the world, killing more of our friends and families that the Nazi’s did in the blitz, they then
  4. Completely failed to protect any of our nurses or front line staff, with PPE.
  5. Test to track the virus / complelely unprepared

What did they do. We they did what thay always do

  • Fail to solve the problem
  • Cover it up
  • Blame someone else
  • Lie about it. – For Example Home office says Virus did not come from the EU or infect anyone. Patrick Vallance The Chief Medical officer says it did and is responsible for most of the deaths. That is to say we imported it from Europe with 18 million passenger arrivals in April, who promptly spread it all round the country.
  • Do nothing to solve the problem
  • Take no risk
  • Get paid

See the Graphs below


What is the solution?

Well we are going to have to press the reset button. Slash costs, and start rebuilding again. It will be interesting to see how many years of growth C19 will set us back.

The first place to start with costs cutting is central and local government. We should pay front line staff more, as they were with us on St Crispin’s day. Including the bus drivers.

Then start to innovate and export our skills and know how, around the world building new markets.

Unencumbered by the frankly hard to justify, public sector


The public sector take £150 billion a year out of the economy.


In fact three times what they took in 1990. Have we noticed a three times improvement in Roads, Health care, our preparation for Covid 19?  NO it has got worse.

OK so thank goodness for our nurses and other front line staff. I would include DWP in that. They have had all hands to the pump, management included, and have processed some 2 million Universal Credit Claims. Yes Two million people unemployed in 2 months. Because we did not stop the planes, like New Zealand and South Korea did.


Lets look at Central Government’s share of this wages bill we pay

Central Government represents a 4 times increase in costs since 1990. Over 2/3rds of the total public sector salary cost. Just looking at the increase over the last 30 years that it (100-25)/2 * 30. = 1.9 trillion. There is our national debt right there. (I am awaiting confirmation of the head counts)

Whatever reserves we should have had, are in the pockets of our civil servants. This does not include the Public sector pension provision, coming in at another £6 trillion. This really is the Crime of the Century, the Fraud on our children, because they expect them to pay for it.


As John Redwood says – It’s simply not Sustainable

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