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Dear Members,

Getting used to working from home, is a real struggle. It takes a different type of discipline and skillsets to be motivated, productive and enjoyable. Here are some useful guides from Wendy Johnstone.

Time Management and Productivity


Working more efficiently from home, involves managing staff customers and suppliers, that means being up to speed with the available tech.

Adopting new Technology


Whilst Corona is shutting our businesses, reducing costs and keeping cash in the business is key to survival

Reducing Costs


Staying in touch with existing customers and looking for opportunities for new one is key. Many organisations are taking a rest. Their Clients still need help, often different help and are looking around for support

Managing your sales Pipeline


IF ALL OF THE ABOVE IS ALL VERY WELL…. but you cannot hadle it all on your own, then Wendy has a team of experienced people with the relevant experience to help you succeed. They are facilitators who will work with your existing staff, to remove barriers and provide confidence. DONT FORGET your Furloughed staff are still entitled to training. How differrent will your businress look coming out the other side? Is now the time to start planning and exploring options? It might well be.

Experienced Resources


I hope this information is useful. I found it to be both well thught throgh and hence thought provocing

Keep Well and GET READY!!







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  1. Kelvin
    | Reply

    I’ve always found it easier to work from home if you set aside dedicated hours and a space in the house. Despite staying at home you should get in the mindset of ‘going to work’ and both of these things help.

    Stay safe all and, for those new to it, enjoy your new found homeworking.

    • Nick Brown
      | Reply

      Kelvin hi,
      Great advice as ever.
      Thank you for all of your guidance particularly on IT matters. You gave always given good advice, and connected us with good people.

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