Know who your staff are – Identity Checks on Mobile Phone APP

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Dear all,

I guess it is important to know who your staff are, not just from a legal perspective – Do they have the right to work in the UK?

but also if someone is here illegally or using a false identity, then they are vulnerable to exploitation by criminals.

You should at least go into any such area with your eyes open!

Until now the solution has been expensive passport scanners, but now the Near Field Communications (NFC) that can read your bank card, or Oystercard, is available as a mobile phone APP that can read the chip on a passport.

In terms of eligibility, if you run a businesses you can gain access to the technology.

In terms of costs it is £1 a day. – £360 payable annually, in advance.

to find out more phone 01707 800840 or mail

OR CLICK HERE for PDF Brochure.


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