Health Matters – Your life in their hands – 2

Dear Members,

My Father used to say that the good thing about being a Doctor is the ability to bury your mistakes.

It was perhaps the Ultimate Irony, that he was killed by C19, just before Christmas, in a care home that had inadequate PPE.

I would refer you to

I had a routine blood test in October 2020, heard nothing, thought all ok. I asked for a copy two weeks ago and there were some issues I should have been told about. I called to get an appointment with my Doctor and was basically fobbed off. We cannot make appointments any more….. Why not?

Today the health service cost us 10 times what it did thirty years ago. If you had called my Father at 3.00 in the morning, he would have got out of bed and come and seen you. – That’s progress … NOT.

Today I went to the surgery for a repeat blood test, and asked to make an appointment to see my Doctor to discuss the results when they came through. Again I was fobbed off. Just call in the morning and take pot luck.

The surgery are trying to sell e consultations, where effectively you diagnose yourself. I would prefer my doctor to see me and make the diagnosis. I don’t really want the secretary taking taking that decision for me.

Anyway, it turns out that upon further investigation, that the Doctors now have different days for different things.

I was told, one day for e consultations, another for phone calls, and only two days a week when they see people. So basically you need to find out when those two days are, and call that morning. My next opportunity is two weeks away. So I will have had to wait a nearly a month, just to get to speak to my Doctor.

That is not good enough. Its a good job I am not ill!!! God help you if you are.

Take care





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