RISE to the Challenge – FREE C19 HELP – From the Business Community

Dear Members,

As we start to come out the other side of C19 (Let’s Hope) there are some salutary lessons.

  1. It could happen Again – This Winter
  2. We need to Help Each Other – Together – to Manage downside risk, and RISE from there
  3. The Chamber Ambassador Communty has real experience and can help

We are offering FREE small group, online, support to identify your areas of potential Weakness and Opportunites.

Doing nothing is not a strategy for success. Doing What you did Yesterday may well not be a strategy for success.

We are holding initial webinars, on a first come first served basis, to help businesses identify where they need help and support. Chamber Ambassador Martin Munro is taking the lead on this. In a previous life Martin was a partner at KPMG, and he has been running TAB “The Alternative Board”, for a number of years.

For more information on the RISE program CLICK HERE

If you have further questions please contact Martin Munro


There is some preparation work for you to do, to help you think through your action plan. Followed by an online event for you to discuss your plans, gain feedback and the necessary support to put your plan into action.

Subject to your particular requirements, we will holding follow up online meetings with the relevant specialists.

Please CLICK HERE to register for the event.


Take Care


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