About This Event 

Unlike other virtual training and webinars, the RISE Above programme (powered by The Alternative Board) provides business owners, leaders, Managing Directors and CEOs an actionable step by step approach to reimagining or reopening their companies for current times. 

You will work together with other business leaders to look at your business models and operations in a different way, take stock of all areas of your business and examine what needs to change, and develop a strategic and actionable plan to execute. 


This four-part series will give you the steps and actions uniquely tailored to your business and provide you with a virtual roundtable made up of other entrepreneurial business leaders who will provide you with unique perspectives and ideas. With so many different decisions you need to make in your business, you will have the power of a sounding board for your ideas and challenges, gain valuable feedback and advice from a powerful group of advisors who are on the exact same path as you. This is a two-way process though. As a business owner or leader yourself, you have lots of valuable experience and will have the opportunity to share that with others round the table to help tackle the challenges that they bring to the meetings. 

You most probably have heard the adage “many hands make light work”. The RISE Above programme is all about many minds making lighter work (with a lot less stress)! 


Practical and immediate actions for your business 

As a busy business leader, the demands on you have increased in recent times. How do you know which actions you MUST take in your business, right now? 

The RISE Above programme delivers the steps all businesses must take to rise above the current environment to profit and prosper. 

You’ll work on: 

Reassessing key decisions that impact employees and cashflow 

Carefully inspecting supply chain, customers and revenue streams 

Identifying competitive strengths and areas of weaknesses 

Strategic planning for new opportunities and markets 

Creating the necessary focus on the critical and important next steps 

Implementing an agile approach to rapidly get important things done 


Together with a group of business owners and leaders, in a confidential and supportive setting, you will work together and get valuable real-world advice and leave with an action plan tailored to your business and needs. 


Professionally Facilitated by Martin Munro 

The RISE Above programme is offered for a limited time and is professionally facilitated by Martin Munro. A Chartered Accountant and former partner with KPMG, Martin is a Chamber Ambassador who owns and Runs The Alternative Board locally. For the past 30 years, The Alternative Board or TAB has been helping tens of thousands of business owners around the world through the power of advisory boards and coaching. In the UK, with our proven systems and tools, TAB consistently helps business owners outpace their competitors by more than 5.4X. 


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