Online Chamber Growth Club – Planning Meeting Ambassadors Only

Online Chamber Growth Club - Planning Meeting Ambassadors Only


8:30 am - 10:00 am

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If you want to go Fast – Go Alone. If you want to go Far – Go Together.


The Chamber Growth Club holds events for people who want to grow their businesses safely and sustainably.

Ultimately any business is about cash flow. We believe that maximising cash flow is a risk management excercise.

We help you to, indentify upside sales opportunities and, to manage downside risk.

We look to share the experience of the Ambassadors to help you grow your business quickly and painlessly

Usually we do this face to face at Brocket Hall. Currently that is not possible, so we have developped some online tools to help you in the following areas

  1. We believe that it is increasingly difficult to find the right advisors. Our Ambassadors have stood the test of time and reputation. We know they are good because our members tell us so.
  2. As you grow and you take on more responsibility, you will come across many barriers to the growth of your business. Some more critical than others. It is a bit like spinning plates, you need to know which ones to spin this week, and how to get someone else to spin the rest of them. Where can you find the right people with the skills to help you with those issues as they come up? If you don’t deal with them, one by one they will become critical. At The Growth Club we have many of those bases covered. You can come to an event, and choose to sit at a table that deals with your current problem.
  3. Our objective is to get you to a place where; the phone rings because you have been recommended;  your staff come to you with ideas and thought through solutions for your approval and where your gross profit is higher than your competitors.

The benefits are

  1. A specific presentation each month and access to a broad cross section of experienced people who can help you at the event for free, and subsequently by appointment if you would like to follow up.
  2. A roadmap for your business, that starts with really understanding cash flow. (Most people see it as an accounting equation, it is far more than that.)
  3. Check lists at each stage of the business growth process
  4. Tests for you and or your staff to take, to demonstrate you have understood and implemented the coursework
  5. Certification, from the Chamber of Commerce demonstrating that you have sucessfully completed the course
  6. Access to Ambassadors if you get stuck
  7. The support of the Chamber of Commerce throughout this process, and the knowledge that we are quite selective about the people we deal with. We want to help people, who want to help themselves and can demonstrate that ability.

You can see our Business Survey identifying the areas where business owners need help to grow their business.

Having listened to our members needs we have produced a series of “Video Mini Courses” that you can subscribe to. They are 5 minutes each and deal with a range of subjects from Marketing to HR. We will send you one a day for about a week.

Over the coming year we will explore the following types of issues

Identifying your current barriers to growth
Client Acquisition
Client Retention
New Product Launches
Cross Selling and Upselling
Finding New Markets – Export
Finding and keeping the right people
Public Sector Procurement
Accounts and Tax planning
Staying Legal
IT in its various forms
Raising Finance
Risk Management



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