Survey Results

We contacted 762 businesses and had a response of around 150 reasonably complete responses.

In terms of statistical validity, we have not weighted this survey to represent the underlying population.

The Underlying Population for Herts businesses by Turnover is

< £400k 80% – £400k to £2.5m 15% – £2.5m to £5m 3% – £5m to £10m 2%  – Over £10m 1%.

Which tells us,(See graphs below) that the responses are skewed towards responses from larger businesses.

This survey was deliberately open ended to ensure we had not pre judged the market.

Who Responded?

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We asked “What is the biggest single barrier to growth in your business?”

The broad responses were as follows

40% Marketing

23% Finding the right staff

12% Tech issues

11% Business Rates and Local Authority Issues

9% Other

5% Money and finance issues

Thank you to everyone who responded, especially for the detailed comments in many cases. You confidentiality is assured.

Obviously some issues are more sensitive than others, and we would not place strong reliance on this data.

However we will use it as an indication of where businesses are looking for help, and act accordingly.

Please watch this space.

Kind regards



4 Responses

  1. Norman Cowan
    | Reply

    Getting marketing right

    • nick brown
      | Reply

      Norman hi
      Yes marketing seems to be a big area of concern for businesses across the county.
      We will put together some videos, to help and some events for people to attend.

      Good to hear from you

  2. Jonathan Moffett
    | Reply

    Staff are still key to every businesses success, finding and retaining them most be high on every boards list!

    • nick brown
      | Reply

      Jonathan hi,
      Thank you for your thoughts. You are of course quite correct, people are the key to success.

      David Ogilvy of Ogilvy and Mather, was once asked by a banker “Where are the assets in your business?”
      He replied “They go up and down in the lift”

      Have a good day.


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