Employment, Benefits + Universal Credit Law Event

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Dear Members,

Following my phone round and meeting up with some of you, we have identified a bit of confusion about the rules around employing part time staff. How many hours can they work in a week? What can they earn in a year? How does this effect, Benefits, National Insurance, the minimum wage? What about self employed staff? Where does Universal Credit fit in the mix???

Confused? You may well be – until Thursday 15th May 2014, when Michael Scutt, Employment Lawyer at Crane and Staples will be taking us through this, and other areas, at a breakfast meeting at Orion House. Please see the event page for details.


  • Shared Parental leave (Spring 2015)  and flexible working amendments (Apr  14) – what is changing and what do employers need to do/know
  • How to handle confidential pre-termination settlement negotiation when dealing  with underperforming staff
  • Settlement Agreements – what are they/ why use them
  • State benefits overview – how do they affect working people (hours worked before benefits get cut etc)

So if you are employing people, full or part time, this free event should be for you


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