Covid 19 – What New Zealand got right – and we did not

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I thought these Two videos from Jacinda Ardern The New Zealand Prime Minister were revealing. On the 8th June  2020 New Zealand had been Virus free for a fortnight, were returning to a full normal life, and on the way to a full economic recovery.

We spend £148 billion a year more on our public sector than they do.  That is 75 times the NZ amount. And yet they were prepared. And we were not. (Our entire National Health Budget is £161 Billion).

The Question is Why? and

Is our money being well spent?


New Zealand Deaths 22    —    UK Deaths 60,000

NZ Public Sector Employees 50k    —   UK 6 million

NZ Public Sector Costs £2 billion    —   UK £150 billion


This  First Video shows that they fought the Virus at the border, not in the hospitals.

Why did we not stop the Planes and Quaranteen? I would like an Answer to this.

People were coming in from the States in June 2020

and just walking through customs at Heathrow and getting on a tube.




The second shows where we should have been on the 8th June, had our Public Sector (Front line staff excepted) been prepared. Had they even just phoned New Zealand, (at any time over the last 10 years to find out how to do the job we pay them to do) who clearly were prepared. Or Singapore, Or South Korea, or Moldova, or Djibouti, anybody really. They were all better prepared than our lot. Then we could have avoided 10’s of thousands of painful, frightening, lonely deaths, and the worst economic downturn in living memory.

I have been pushing some buttons, and have come to the conclusion from direct research, that our public sector have become so complacent that they believe they are entitled to be paid £150 billion a year, of our money, for not being responsible for anything. Certainlty everyone one I have spoken to at senior levels, all think its terrible that noone handed out PPE, and then they lied about it, but none of them are responsible. I have been busy pointing out that they had better be responsible when the virus comes back. Or there will be trouble.

How much do they care? All the New Zealand senior public sector staff have taken a 20% pay cut to demonstrate solidarity with business. They did the job right – Because they care – They took a pay cut Because they care – well done.

Compare and contrast our lot who have completely failed us in the most catastrophic manner. They are sat at home on full pay. Busy not being responsible for anything that matters. We will tell how much they care by the salaries they refund for how many years for completely failing to protect us, our lives and our economy.

Here is where we would have been had it not been for our truly useless public sector (Front line staff excepted).

Our Public Sector – The Worst in the World

based on deaths per head of population


This is only just begining here. Today the R number exceeded 1 again in London and the US recorded 55,000 new cases. In September the Furlough funding starts winding down and the debt protection expires. We can expect carnage at that point.

In the coming weeks we will be sending out some survival guides we are developing based around

“How to plan for the unknown”

Check out the Stockdale Paradox


Take care.

Listen to the Stockdale Paradox – Do everything you can to survive. We will need business to generate the cash to pay for everything.

If you need help or advice, just call. 01707 373700 . If you get an answerphone, leave a message, we will call you back.



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