Question 2 Use what you have

So have a think about what your customers actually need from you

  1. Fluidity – Is about navigating the Tides of Change. It’s not about going with the flow. You can think of this as adaptability. But it’s more because it involves proactivity, not just reactivity after the event.
  2. Relationships – Are about being close to your customers and their industries. How will you work hard to add value to that relationship, and hence be trusted. What is the Mechanism? How will you share part of your customer’s future?
  3. Engagement – How will you engage with your staff, customers, family and suppliers, to communicate that you belong together?
  4. Aligning the values of your brand with those of your staff and customers. What does this mean? Sign up to Free Marketing Videos Or CLICK HERE
  5. I need some help. We have a great team of people who believe in the way things were. How do I marshall those skills?

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Survey: C19 Use What you have

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  • ^ 1 FluidityV
  • ^ 2 RelationshipsV
  • ^ 3 EngagementV
  • ^ 4 Aligning ValuesV
  • ^ 5 I need some help.V

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