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This video course on Marketing has been produced by 

Nick Brown of Green Triangle 

for The Chamber Growth Club. It covers the following areas:- 

1. ​Marketing Mini Course - Content

2. ​Introduction to marketing

3a. ​Your Business growth stages A

3b. Your Business growth stages B
4. ​Aligning the values of your Brand, Staff and Customers

5. ​Developing your marketing plan

6. ​Your Brand differentiators

 7. ​Finding new customers

8. Customer Retention (Keeping them)

9. Safe and Sustainable growth

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Why You'll Love This Course:


Nick Brown's video course on Marketing, explains in layman's terms, the power of marketing. Why it works What you need to do, and How it helps you build your business Safely and Sustainably.

 ​Nick and Jonathan have real in depth lifetime experience of what works and what does not. From brand positioning through to database marketing and social. they can find the right communications media to help you build the right relationships with potential clients so you can cherry pick the clients you feel most comfortable dealing with.

​Debbie Glinnan

​Managing Director

Parallel HR



This Video Course on Marketing ...

​This video course on Marketing helped me and my staff to really understand how marketing works and with Nick's help we have been able think through our communications.

What we are saying to whom and when.

Thankyou again for all your assistance and will certainly be working with you again to use your experience and business knowledge.

Once again thank you for all your excellent advice and hard work.

​Alan Clark


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