12 Virus Strains in UK – One Homegrown

Dear Members,

Here is, what has always been, the problem coming to pass.

The Sun (Credit for Map Below) article says we have identified the 12 main virus strains currently in the UK. One of those mutations exists only in Britain.

Because we failed to stop the planes in February, when we should have done, we now have a major dilema.

As the virus grows in numbers, its number of mutations increases. This is why Herd Immunity was an incredibly stupid idea. (Lets kill lots of people and let the virus mutate – strategy – Which is exactly what has happened) We now have a Hobson’s choice between tanking the economy (See Bank of England Figures) and getting people back to work in which case the virus will continue to kill our loved ones, mutate again and again, until a more virulent virus returns. In 1918 the second more virulent virus killed 50 million young health people across the world. More than WW1.

And it did not have a 14 day Asymptomatic period, or Air travel to distribute. (In March and April we let 18.1 million people into the UK from Europe. No tests – No Quaranteen – only crass stupidity)

The next time you get a chance to vote, check out the candidates academic background, If they have an arts degree don’t vote for them. They are best left to quote Rupert Brooke on the banks of the Cam.

Oh Granchester Look what you have done

Vote for anyone who knows how to apply mathematics in practical scenarios to deliver solutions. That is a Science back ground and practical time in business.

“Professor Paul Hunter, from the University of East Anglia, told the Daily Mail: “There are a number of issues with these strains – are they likely to cause different severity of disease? Are they likely to be more infectious? And are they capable of invalidating vaccines?

“The answer to all three of these is we have no idea. There is no suggestion from this study – or any other that I have read – that show these strains are more virulent or infectious that one another.

“But it is plausible that one strain could mutate to the point where people with antibodies to an older strain are no longer immune to it.”

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