Write-a-Book Token

Dear members,

Have you ever considered writing a book?

From a business perspective, it can help you think through what you want t say to whom. It can provide you with great Social Media copy, and becoming a published Author, will add Authority to your points of view and can get you onto local radio to promote your ideas.

Alternatively, do you know someone, a family member perhaps who would be interested, or that you feel has something you would like to hear more about.

It is now possible to become a published Author for £100. You could by your mother or father a Write-a-Book token and start a family tradition of recording your wishes and aspirations for your Children and theirs by way of a legacy to them.

I have made a video on the subject which can be seen if you CLICK HERE

Happy Writing

it is a lot more fun and less effort than you think. We will help you to write your book, by holding your hand all the way, with online guides and access to other Authors through the Author community.

Happy writing.

We cannot wait to hear what you have to say.





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