Working with Grant Thornton

For those of you who don’t know Grant Thornton have recently opened new offices in St Albans. They feel more like Mozilla’s offices in St Martins lane, than my fond accountancy memories of dusty basements full of tax files in New Bridge Street.

I remember the phone in that basement ringing one day and my colleague Peter answering it.

The voice said, “Is Mr Spofforth (The Senior Partner) there?”

Peter unwisely replied “Of course not you idiot, – this is the basement”

The voice said “Do you know to whom you are speaking? …….

I am Lord Halifax” (Churchill’s right hand man in the War Cabinet)

Peter, a little taken aback, blustered “Do you know who you are speaking to? ” Halifax said “NO!

so Peter said “That’s Lucky” and hung up the phone.

We left the basement shortly afterwards.  – An old story but a true one.

Story telling aside, our thanks to Grant Thornton for all their support. If you have business or tax enquiries and are looking for a National firm with a local presence, give Lisa a call on 01727 221 233 or email her on

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