Why we need to wear face masks and gloves

Dear Members,

As we are considering reducing the lockdown, I thought these 4 bits of information might help

  1. Its a Nasty Virus. Best plan is not to get it.
  2. The Virus is very small. Weighs in at 0.85 * 10-18 grams. Each Carrier has 70 billion virus to make them ill. With 2.5 million people infected – makes the total mass of all the Covid 19 virus’s in the world adds up to a few grams.
  3. They are very light so they travel a long way in a sneeze
  4. They also stay in the air for a long time – THREE HOURS

Source:- Daily Telegraph, New York Times and MIT

So when you visit the supermarket —

  • Wear a mask in case you are Asymptomatic (Infectious but no symptoms yet)
  • Wear surgical gloves because the virus will be on the packaging
  • Wipe down all shopping with anti virus wipes when you get home
  • Turn the gloves inside out and put them in a bag in the outside blue bin

There is a very real danger of a more virulent secondary infection. We must minimise the virus’s opportunities to reproduce and hence mutate. That, as has ever been the case, means stopping air flights, quaranteening any visitors, and testing religiously, weekly over a month, so we can lock down any areas where the infection is reoccurring.

This business of reopening business, is a complete lottery with peoples lives. The 1918 Flu killed 50 million people.

This virus has 14 day asymptomatic characteristics and modern day air travel to help it mutate and for us to distribute it around the world.


Stay Safe



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