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Welcome on board to Carmen Dillon, Nicola Latham, and the team down at the CVS.

The Chamber looks forward to working with them to introduce Volunteers into Businesses.

If your organisation is looking for people with real life experience on a voluntary basis, get in touch on 01707 273875

Or email  developmentmanager@whcvs.org.uk

Take care all



Welwyn Hatfield Community and Voluntary Services

WHCVS promotes the effectiveness of local voluntary and community groups by providing them with a range of services. These may include access to funding, TOR, basic facilities such as meeting rooms, photocopying, and ICT equipment.  As a focal point for the local voluntary and community sector, WHCVS encourages networking between individuals and groups within the sector, and between local groups and the statutory and private sectors.

With government encouraging involvement of voluntary and community groups in shaping and delivering services, it is essential that WHCVS enable the views of local groups to be represented.  WHCVS work in partnership with local government and other statutory agencies to shape the delivery of services.  Over the years the local voluntary and community sector has pioneered some of the essential public services that we now take for granted.  We are keen to assist organisations manage any volunteering days they offer under any Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme.

WHCVS manages several projects:

Volunteer Centre – linking organisation with volunteers who wish to offer their time and expertise.  There are many opportunities for voluntary work, driving, counselling and advice work, fundraising, clerical and committee work, visiting or befriending, conservation and working with those with a disability.

Community Car Scheme – volunteer drivers who are willing to transport anyone unable to use public transport due to age, disability, or special needs.  The type of journey varies from a trip into the town centre, a visit to the chiropodist or a hospital.  Medical appointments are a priority.

Let’s Chat Befriending Scheme – a telephone support service which provides regular calls and a friendly chat to people who are isolated due to being housebound, mental illness, physical illness/disability or living away from family.

Love Welwyn Hatfield – our community “clean-up” campaign to help improve particular areas that require some TLC.  Working together, we can keep our streets and local areas clean and tidy.  We organise weekly litter picking sessions and provide all necessary equipment.

Blooming Marvellous – the gardening scheme with volunteers who work together to fulfil the clients request to help maintain their gardens.

Digital Champions – Staying Connected is a county wide Digital Inclusion project developed by a partnership of 6 Hertfordshire based voluntary sector infrastructure organisations.  In the Welwyn Hatfield borough, the project provides assistance to residents who may be struggling with using new technology and who may feel isolated from society as a result. Digital Champions volunteers are tech savvy and able to offer their time to assist our clients with a range of technical problems. They show them how to use digital communication technology we now as society rely on.


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