WGC Orchestra and Choir

Yesterday Saturday 21st March   I saw the Welwyn Garden City Orchestra and Choir perform at St John’s Monks Rise. The programme comprised of a Schuman Overture, Bruchner Motets, Schuberts Unfinished Symphony and Stabat Mater Dolorosa from Rossini.

I have to say that both the scale and standard of the performance were impressive. The Choir comprising some 40 voices did not miss a note and the Orchestra despite a little hesitency in the French Horns performed with subtlety and feeling.

It just goes to show what can be achieved when professionals work with the local community.




James Ross Conducts, Christos Kokkinos Leads the Orchestra



The Violins with Flutes and Choir



Baritone Leandros Taliotis, Tenor John Pierce, Mezzo-Soprano Sian Millett, and Soprano Jacqueline Dias, gave a wonderful and truly moving performance of Rossini’s composition based upon the 13th Century Catholic Hymn Stabat Mater, “There stood the Mother”, telling the story of Mary the Mother of Jesus standing by the cross, taking us from the depths of sorrow to the  recognition of his Ascension to Heaven.

The next performance of the Welwyn Garden City Choir and Orchestra will be on the 20th June at St John’s Monks Rise 7.30 pm Where a range of English songs by Vaughan Williams and Gurney will be performed. Tickets are £10 Refreshments are provided, call 01707 391224 or email tickets@wgcms.org.uk

Come and meet some local people, find out how to join the Choir or Orchestra, or just listen to the music.





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