Welwyn Hatfield Council under declare £6 million of Grants due to the community

Dear Members,

We have been warning that in the past the council has attempted to underpay amounts of money to local businesses. At this time of crisis, when many people are putting their lives on the line, make sacrifices, and help wherever they can WHBC are, unlike nearly all the other landlords, refusing to help with rent holidays. And now there appear to be some significant errors on their calculation of the number of firms entitled to the payouts and the total amount due to them.

The Council on the .gov website says that £15,516,000 is due to be paid to 1110 businesses, and so far they have paid out £7,570,000 or 49%.

We think the number due is in reality          £22,225,000 is due to be paid to 1786 businesses

A differrence of                                             £6,709,000  is due to be paid to  676 businesses

Please CLICK HERE for a letter from the Chamber’s Chartered Surveyors confirming this.

We have a full list of all the entitled firms and their addresses if that would be of any help to the Council. I won’t publish it here, as some firms will prefer annonymity. If you want to know whether you are entitled to £10,000 get in touch on nick@welhatchamber.co.uk, and I will look you up, and let you know.

Every time we look at this area, there are major problems with Welwyn and Hatfield Council. On this occasion it’s over £6 million. Assuming this is accurate, the true % distributed is 34% or about a third.

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