Welcome to New Member – Tim Popov of Third Space

Dear Members

A very warm welcome to Tim Popov who is looking to provide hotdesk opportunities for working and Networking in Welwyn. He is most welcome.

He looks forward to meeting you all.

About Tim and his business:-

Who: Tim has built a varied career within a number of verticals including Marketing, Financial PR, and Real Estate. One of his most recent ventures is to play a role in breathing new life into the site of the Old Shredded Wheat factory which has been recently renamed ‘The Wheat Quarter’. 

Why: Third Space aims to enhance our new localised way of working. Being no longer tied to the daily commute, many larger corporations have stipulated that their teams can WFH indefinitely with a huge focus on work/life balance, and rightly so. Most of us now have a very capable home office setup. However, this does have some downsides with life-admin and other distractions affecting productivity. The ‘ritual’ of going to a location solely to be productive is also a huge factor. 

What: Launching in September – A flexible, boutique, modern working environment. Third Space will have a lot to offer to individuals who cherish their new work/life balance but still want to be just as focused and productive as they would be in an office, surrounded by a like-minded community. 


A central WGC location, high-speed internet, coffee, and meeting spaces – the perfect place to work all day and meet in town post-work in the evenings. 

Our hope is that Third Space in the Wheat Quarter will become a hotspot for local business opportunities and become an incubator for small, local independent businesses and budding entrepreneurs.

Spaces are limited, please sign up on the website for information about memberships or to visit the space. https://www.thirdspace.work/


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