UKTI Event Export to Emerging Markets

Real Opportunities to expand into Export Markets

We were delighted to welcome Grant Shapps to our event with UKTI in Hatfield House.

There are real opportunities for smaller forms to start exporting – WHY? I hear you ask. Its Risky and Complicated.

Well yes, there are challenges. There are also opportunities and we would summarise them as follows:-

  1. Our Great but tiny Island has always been a trading Nation
  2. We are often considered to be relatively trustworthy compared to ROW (Rest of the World)
  3. We are accustomed to a level of quality
  4. We are known for our sense of Style, Music and Fashion
  5. The Citizens of other Countries aspire to those values
  6. We have a staggering level of personal and national debt (See Slides Link Below)
  7. The only way to reduce that debt is to export more
  8. We owe that to our Children, we cannot leave them with this level of debt
  9. George Osborne recognises this and announced £48 million of Training and Grants to be made available to UKTI next year
  10. Of the 10 best Universities in the world, 5 are within 100 miles of Hatfield. Oxford Cambridge Kings, UCL and Imperial.
  11. Hertfordshire sits right at the centre of that Triangle
  12. Hertfordshire contributes more to our GDP figures than Beds Bucks and Northants put together
  13. The timescales from idea inception to production to the peak of gross profit to being yesterday’s story  are shortening
  14. But Yesterday’s Story in the UK, can often be tomorrow’s aspiration in the ROW
  15. Distribution is becoming even easier
  16. Currency issues are improving, you can open an RMB (Chinese Yen) account with Handelsbanken in Hertford
  17. You can gain access to overseas businesses TBC
  18. You can find out what Ovewrseas Customers want TBC
  19. You can be introduced to those Customers TBC
  20. We can minimise risk by joining you up with bigger players TBC

OK so we are heading for 20 reasons why you should consider exporting. Actually there are more because of opportunities to build your business and sell to realise capital sums, for the minute let’s stick with 20.

Note that 17 through 20 are in Italic. That is the area we are now concentrating on at the Chamber.

Any questions feel free to contact me on

Slides from the event

CLICK HERE to download the slides





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