Thinking of selling or valuing your business?

A very warm welcome to Andrew Watkin a new member this month.

If you are looking to maximise the value of your business, give him a call on 07860 898452 or



Assynt is a new generation of advisory chartered accountancy practice providing only corporate finance services to businesses whose owners have decided to sell, buy other business or who are looking for funds to grow their business.

On a sale of a business you want to maximise the value you receive.

On a purchase of a business you want to know what you are buying.

On raising funds you want it to be quick, simple and cost effective.

Specialisms Assynt really is a specialist firm of Chartered Accountants where Andrew Watkin can add value from his practical experience that will support you in the decisions you have made.

Assynt is not a broking business as the aim is to provide you with advice over the long term that will help you to build and realise value in your business.

Being independent means Assynt can offer objective advice and act as a sounding board for ideas to help you achieve your own goals.

If you’re not yet ready but still want to learn more about the way Andrew approaches these issues then either call him on 07860 898452; go to the web site or to Andrew’s LinkedIn profile

Andrew wishes you well and looks forward to talking to you soon.

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