The Future of Tec Marketing

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TFM Insights have produced the following report on the future of Tec Marketing. Interesting reading. The tec world seemed to have at last grasped the concept that it is and always has been about “Great Content”

Marketing 1 2016 Marketing 2 2016

To Download the Full Report CLICK HERE

So what have we got here

The Right Message – Content

To The Right People – Lead Nurturing, Big Data

At the Right Time – Marketing Automation

Add in the importance of the Customer Experience in a Loyalty and Social based World along with New Tec and Convenience – Mobile. and you pretty much have it covered.

Just remember that Good Marketing drives rather than follows opinion. Great Brands are Aspriational which means you want them, and therefore do not have them yet!!

So If Content can drive desire or emerging Needs and Analytics can track changing behaviour you can measure the effective of the campaign. But it is, and always has been Content Driven.

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