The Changing Face of Raising Finance

Firstly our thanks to the LEP and Wilder Coe for Sponsoring this Event.

Business Growth Stages

We started by exploring the various growth stages of business, looking at managing risk and where you can go for help.

The basic premise being that you should understand how to generate cash before borrowing any money so you can feel confident about paying the money back.

Nick Brown from Welwyn and Hatfield Chamber talked about the things to consider to get each stage right, and Norman Cowan from Wilder Coe talked about how quickly it can go wrong and gave real life insights into how easy it can be to come unstuck and what you can do about it.

CLICK HERE to download the slides

Finding Investors

Colin Spiller from Angels Den gave a really practical insight into the does and don’ts, and the range of options open to you when looking for an investor(s).

From Crowd Sourcing, to finding the right “Angels” to avoiding being replaced in your own company by a Venture Capitalist, Colin spoke from the heart and with the voice of experience.

To see Colin’s Presentations please click on the links below


Angel Investment

Moneyweek Crowdsourcing video

Finding Grants

John Christopher from Enterprise Europe has an encyclopeadic knowledge of the range of Grants available and the knowledge and experience to know which are worth applying for and which might suit your business.

To see John’s presentation  please click below

Available UK and European Grants

The Low Carbon Option

There are attractive sources of finance that are supplied under the Low Carbon banner. Not for you?  – It might be.

Low Carbon has quite a broad scope.

James Griffiths from the Adapt Low Carbon Group gave real insights into the flexibility of this type of Venture Capital funding.

There was an interesting but friendly exchange between James and Colin Spiller as to the Pro’s and Cons of using a Venture Capitalist. The Conclusion being Caveat Emptor but that Adapt were not like that anway.

To see James’s presentation please click on the link below

Low Carbon Funding


Thank you very much to all the speakers. Several of our guests have commented that they were delighted to see such a joined up and practical source of information all in one afternoon and at one location.

I know that a number of follow up activities are in progress – We wish you all the very best


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