The Changing Face of Education

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The Changing face of Education in the UK

Michael Gove the Education Minister was recently asked

“Where do apprenticeships fit within your Education Strategy?”

His response was “They are our Strategy”

What is Driving this? Well with up to 1 in 5 Graduates unable to get a proper job, there is pressure from Michael Heseltine to match the training of our young people to the needs of business.

With immigration becoming higher on the agenda, the Universities are taking on fewer overseas students, and are looking for sources of income.

It clearly makes sense that some of that income should come from people in work, and perhaps with support from their employers.

We are working with Stephen Fox, Director of Education at Oaklands College and Hertfordshire University to help identify the needs of local business. We will be holding some workshops over the coming months, and would welcome input from local employers. If you are interested please contact me on


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