Success from Uncertainty

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Post Brexit Followup.

OK so our last newsletter turned out to be quite contentious. Thank you to all the well wishers, and to those who felt it was inappropriate to use the Chamber platform to promote the Brexit cause then point taken.

My position remains that given that our childrens’ right to self determination was at stake, and the full weight of the BBC and the Government PR machine was behind the Remain Camp, these were exceptional circumstances.

So where to from here?

It seems that the uncertainty resides mainly amongst our political classes, which raises the question, Why were they not on top of the Brexit opportunities before? I think that is a pretty telling steer as to who should lead us forward from here. See comments from Grant Shapps about the difficulties of dealing with Europe.

The bottom line is that our National debt remains the problem that needs solving, and a lower £ Sterling, combined with access to existing and new markets is exactly what is required to address our balance of payments. All it requires is for us to be quick on our feet and take advantage of those markets. This is of course a threat to the Status Quo merchants. So it should be.

What are we doing about this?

We are:-

  1. Developing a program with Lloyds Bank to help Medium Sized Businesses Scale. Watch this space.
  2. Working with Lloyds Bank to Demystify Working Capital opportunities, which is the right fit for your business, who to contact and how to have a reasonable chance of success.
  3. The Chamber has to be, and is, independent hence Bank Agnostic so we are working with Barclays Bank on our local networking activities. These are our Last Thursday meetings in campus west. They are free and you get lunch. They are not open to all, but please feel free to to contact me to discuss how you could add value to the group. We are looking to build succesful businesses at a local level. That is pretty much 1 hour drivetime from WGC. Certainly Beds Bucks and Herts, and North London. We continue to work closely with St Albans and Watford Chambers of Commerce.
  4. As part of helping businesses of all sizes to grow we continue to build our e publishing group, which looks to help you think through your marketing content for social and web based purposes, and when you are ready put that content into a book that makes you a Published Author and hence an Authority in your field. Cost for this curently £100 per per publication. £75 for Chamber Members. We are also building a very effective support team to hold your hand along the way.
  5. Plus ongoing social events, that will restart in September.


This is about businesses pulling together to define their brand propositions, and to deliver those opportunities into new markets.

If you want to see this in full I have written a book on the CLICK HERE to get a copy.

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