Stelio Stephanou of the Stephanou Foundation Joins the Chamber

We are delighted to welcome the Lord High Sherrif of Hertfordshire, Stelio Stephanou as a new member of the Chamber.

Stelio’s foundation operates in three areas:-

1/. The Very Young. Specifically helping young families, often single mums to bring their babies up in a supported environment.

These first years of life are vital happiness and fulfillment of the childs future life. On of our authors Gail Hugman is currently writing a book on the subject. Watch this space.

2/. The Very Old. The Stefanou Foundation helps us to feel prepared for the final phase of our lives, and to celebrate that time with our families and loved ones.


3/. The Foundation seeks to support innovation in all its forms.

If you are looking for an organisation to Sponsor, Stelio’s position as Lord High Sherrif speaks volumes as to his integrity, his contacts and his profile in the community.

Perhaps we can do some great things together.


Please see for more details

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