Staff Returning from Furlough

Dear Members,

As essential workers return to work from furlough, it is important that you have kept the relevant records for compliance with any HMRC investigation. There is a lot of fraud going on, and investidations are therefore more likely. Consensus HR (See below) offer a software tool to keep your records up to date. To which you can simply refer HMRC. It could be a smart move.




As things are continually moving fast and rules changing and a few ‘Essential ‘ companies are now asking members of their team to return to the workplace which is great news for businesses.

However this is being shown to be causing some ‘Essential’ businesses problems with only being able to ask a selection to return to the business due to sales having not increased enough to bring the whole team back.

ANY employees you bring back into work MUST have been given the relevant documentation which highlights what would happen should unbeknown that we go back into a Pandemic again with the correct details retained.  All employees who are contracted to you can come back into work when you require and when the business needs them but you must ensure as has always been the case that Government guidelines are followed and any personal circumstances taken into account.

Unfortunately NO employee on Furlough can come back to work Part-time for you and be paid for work and the rest by Furlough as ANY employee on Furlough is not allowed to work for their Contracted employer whilst on Furlough.  If hours are restricted due to low sales / manpower needed, you need to reasonably look at ALL members of the team on Furlough and decide who / when you will require team members to come back to meet the needs of the business based on their skills / experience.

Please contact us immediately for a copy of the letter when needed and as always ensure a copy is saved for easy future access (BreatheHR) – (Terms & Conditions apply as per your monthly retained package or Pay As You Go)

ROTATION:  You can rotate the team if you so wished & to make it fair if they have the skills etc to do the role but this must be on a three-week cycle.

These are all records for us to keep should we need it with an HMRC investigation and will be able to be used with any Payroll info we have as well.  It is also ideal from a company & Breathe HR perspective for future quick reference in the future if needed.  This also means that holidays are amended if needed.

If any of you are having problems with this, please send me the Start dates for all of your team who have been furloughed and a copy of the letter & we will upload it all for you.  Please remember that although we (I) have been sending extensive emails – Mail-chimps over the past few weeks, this purely is to ensure we are ahead of the game & you get all monies owed to you & should an HMRC / ACAS investigation ever take place that we have the information easily to hand.

As always if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Consensus HR
Tel: 01438 310062

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