Specalist Hospitals for Covid 19 Patients

Dear Members,

I have just been talking to a friend of mine who is waiting for a Liver Transplant. (Not Alcholhol related) She is sat at home, with little nursing support and a bottle of Morphine, with little prospect of an operation any time soon.

Is it time to start building specialised field hospitals (Was is it time 5 months ago?) to treat Covid 19 patients, and keep the existing hospitals and staff virus free from normal operations?

I say this with no medical knowledge just an understanding of Statistics and in an attempt to help my friend.

Currently Birmingham Hospitals are advising healthy patients that a stay in hospital for other illnesses carries a 40 to 50% of being infected by the virus.

A Plan Could be

  1.  Isolate the virus in low population areas – Airfields for example
  2. Keep the medical staff on site in seperate barracks
  3. Test those staff extensively and provide them with the best PPE Personal Protection Equipment – Resource Allocation
  4. Those staff who have consistently tested negative over time, and have developped Immunity get to rotate back to the mainstream hospitals. ( I appreciate that testing is not foolproof, and there are tests for the virus and for the antigens, also that recovered patients can get reinfected, also there there may well be new strains being imported into the country every day. Sky News Reported 15,000 people flew into the UK Yesterday. No tests no quarantine no nothing really – Its not good)
  5. Virus’s in hospitals are not good – Look at the MRSA outbreak and all those pneumonia deaths.
  6. This would work because it is a numbers game. We need to do whatever we can to reduce the transmission rate below one – AND
  7. To get the country operating normally again for economic and wellbeing reasons

So Isolate in the Community – just for numbers purposes AND Isolate the sick, their medical staff and those returning from overseas. This must make sense.

It is also a plan that might restore some confidence in the Government. They badly need something.


PS Respect to Captain Tom Moore. Well done Sir,

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