Should we trust the Chinese Government?

Dear Members,

C19 is a disaster. No Doubt. It could well get worse. In 1918 the second round killed 50 million young healthy people.

Our government is recommending that we should trust the Chinese Government with our Nuclear Power production, and our National security through access to 5G communications.

This business of long supply chains and giving work to anyone with some cash needs to stop.

(The sales of our power companies and the national grid to the French and Germans has no doubt generated cash for the government, and we now pay for it with higher fuel bills. Our Power costs have more than trippled since we joined the EU.)

The Daily Mail has reported that these pictures came from The Wuhan Institute of Virology. Further that the C19 strain has come from bats 1900 miles away, and yet they were experimenting on that strain in Wuhan where the outbreak started. Further that Patient Zero was employed by the Lab. Note how the ice is on the outside of the fridge door. Clearly showing a broken seal. It is beyond belief. It would be interesting to track down the logo on the lab coat.

Incidentally this is what happens, when our Universites sell our children’s university places to overseas students for profit.

Look at the ice on the outside of the seal. Staggering. This door would not even shut properly.



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