Save Our Pubs Campaign – Business Rates Scandal

Pubs in the Firing Line

There are bizarre business rates valuations coming out of the Valuation office, that penalise successful businesses.

Basically if you had a good 2015 you will get hit badly. Licenced premesis rates are assessed on turnover rather than rents, and are supposed to be assessed on the performance of an Average Publican. However, this is not how the assessments are made. If you have worked hard and got in a great chef and built a great community pub, not only are you being penalised, but as we understand it penalised wrongfully.

If your rates have increased fill in this form CLICK HERE and someone who is genuinely on your side will contact you.

Here is some great coverage we have obtained in the Local and National Press, we supplied the data and instigated these campaigns. The result being that Grant Shapps our MP has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer looking to stop these increases.

These increases were avoidable and were caused by the Council Rent increases in 2015.

CLICK HERE to see how we told the Council this would happen back in 2015, and listen to our comments on 3 Counties Radio and their response. BOTTOM LINE is that they knew this would happen and did it anyway.

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