Practical GDPR Help – Half Day Accreditation Course

Dear All,

I have seen a lot of scaremongering around GDPR, saying it’s complicated, massive fines, they are out to get you etc.

I think you want to know three things

1/. How to maximise any data opportunities – Because they exist.

2/. How to get your staff on board so they understand

3/. How to protect yourself, your fellow directors and your business

To this end, we have taken a Continuous Professional Development “CPD” to this and will be running an afternoon course locally.

From which you will get:-

1/. An understanding of How GDPR effects your business

2/. A clear path to follow

3/. A Certificate from a CPD accredited team to show that you have taken this seriously.

There is a 20% discount to Chamber members – CLICK HERE and use code  WHC29318   to get the discount.

So cost to you should be £112 plus vat.

For more complex data issues, we will look to have a lawyer on hand to help.




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