Post Brexit – What Next? – Think Globally

As we often say “We live in an ever faster changing world”

Brexit is causing some rethinks within Europe, Italian Newspaper La Repubblica summed up the feelings of many Italians saying

“Europe without Great Britain is a Mutilated Europe. A Great Nation has left. There is now an Exit route from Europe. The ban on leaving Europe has vanished”

The point being that Europe now has an opportunity to rejoin the real world, one like the common market we orgininally chose before it was highjacked. It will take some time for them to sort this out but at least we have started the process.

So what about the rest of the world? Again I hear talk about the rise of the East and Decline of the West, all more excuses for a lack of ideas and initiative.

What is happening is that new markets are developping across the World, inherrently local countries will want to self build and create employment and prosperity for their people. Fair enough!

We have, in the West, enjoyed monopolies in supply for too long, Monopolies are wrong and smother innovation. What the West has failed to do is to Innovate.

We need to take back control of Innovation unencumberred by the many strings and pitfalls of European funding, and give that funding to companies and people capable of Innovating.

This will enable us to stay ahead of the expanding markets curve. This can then be about Joint Ventures with overseas firms, where we sell knowledge transfer into new markets. We need to be far sharper about protecting our intellectual property, and ensuring that we work with the right partners.

Actually despite what you hear on the News this has nothing to do with trade deals. There is nothing to stop us trading with overseas companies, so long as the right taxes are paid.

The other real benefit of this is that we can start to build stability in overseas countries that will help to stop immigration issues.

For us to maintain our own standard of living we just need to stay ahead of the curve and export our ideas in such a manner that both countries benefit.

That is Globalisation.

We are working on this.


What we are Doing About It


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