Police Cyber Crime Initiative

As you will have read, Cyber Crime is a threat that is increasingly likely to effect you or your business.

We are working with the Police to head this off at the Pass, well at least minimise the chances of you being a victim.


If you want to learn more come to our Cyber Crime Prevention Event, CLICK HERE for details.

Or you can join the local taskforce.

see detail below:-

Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP) Eastern Region Node – Thursday 24th March 2016

At the end of March 2016 the national policing lead for cyber-crime and Director of the National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UK), in collaboration with the Eastern Region Special Operation Units Cyber Crime Unit, is looking to launch the Eastern Region Cyber-security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP).

Following the launch of similar nodes in 2015, and following considerable feedback from businesses in this region, we are now creating an Eastern Region based-only regional information sharing node sitting on the national CISP platform.

There are a number benefits in belonging to the regional node including;


  • Obtain early warning of cyber threats
  • Learn from experiences, mistakes and successes of other users without fear of exposing organisation sensitivities
  • Opportunity to engage with industry, government counterparts in a secure environment
  • Seek advice from other CISP members
  • Participate in building pooled knowledge with access to CISP fusion cell outputs/information


The regional concept is modelled on that of the national CISP. Launched in March 2013, CiSP is a joint, collaborative initiative between industry and government to share cyber threat and vulnerability information in order to increase overall situational awareness of the cyber threat, and therefore reduce the impact upon business. The national CISP is now part of the UK Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT-UK. Launched in March 2014, CERT-UK works closely with industry, government and academia to enhance UK cyber resilience. Details can be found at www.cert.gov.uk/cisp

The launch will be facilitated by the Cyber Crime Unit of the Eastern Region Organised Crime Unit and CERT-UK, who will provide comprehensive detail of the initiative and demonstrate the tangible benefits for businesses.

 Given that this event is open to many organisations from various sectors across six counties, places are very limited, however the opportunity to join the CISP Eastern Region Node is still open to organisations who have not been successful in securing a place to the launch event itself.


Anyone who is interested can contact the Eastern Region’s Cyber Protect Coordinator, Sergeant Phil Cobley, by sending an email to: phil.cobley@ersou.pnn.police.uk.


Finalised event details, including the venue, will be sent via formal invitations by CERT-UK. Please note that the event will be an invitation only event and so only pre-registered delegates will be permitted into the event on the day.

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