Planning going forward

Dear Members,

I have just come off a Webinar “The Pub” hosted by Tom Pickering, and though it was worth sharing my takeouts.

  1. It’s a mess. In UK & US 25% taken out of the economy. 10 million jobs being subsidised
  2. Many firms won’t survive
  3. Those that will  –  will understand how to
    1. Live their Core Values – What is fun, exciting and relevant to customers
    2. Share and empower those values with leaders and teams alike
    3. Stop Fear, Provarication, Bulshit, and people who say its difficult or complicated
    4. Avoid waiting for data – Understand your business, its market and ACT TODAY
    5. Acting NOW – builds belief, retains good staff, builds belonging and minimises stress
    6. Value local relationships. Spend more time with fewer people
    7. Engage with staff. Ask them “Better and Quicker” what makes the boat go faster?
    8. Empower them to become leaders and act themselves – Build Grit.
    9. Trying stuff out is key to the Learning organisation
  4. Think about how we got to where we are today. Growth and Domination will be replaced by Profit and Relationships. Compare that to your original dream. Where is the slack?
  5. Generating Cash and Profit margins are all that matter. This is the test of success
  6. This is an opportunity to reset. Things have become unstable, because we have taken the wrong course.
  7. Be part of the Future –  ACT TODAY – Get a list and DO IT

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