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Dear Members,

We have been thinking about the importance of getting online presentations right.

When you are face to face and getting it wrong, you get lots of signals. In an online environment it is that much harder. Also you may well be speaking to a more diverse audience, who consequently may have differing needs.

Martin Munro pointed me in the direction of these videos by Andy Bounds. They rang true with me, and certainly covered many of the techniques we used in my Ad Agency.



And more on closing your sales



I hope you find those useful





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  1. Martin Munro
    | Reply

    Thanks for the shout out Nick. These are two cracking videos, full of great tips and I highly recommend both of the books he refers to – they’re very easy to read. And no, I am not on commission here (sadly)!

  2. Nick Brown
    | Reply

    Martin hi, Thanks for that. I have bought the first book. I am looking forward to reading it.


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