No Support for Dividend Directors !!!

In what is a clear slap in the face to SME Company Directors, yes, those same people who create 60% UK employment and pay for the public sector’s salaries. Those same people who have followed HMRC’s own rules.

HMRC announced today that Directors who pay themselves by Dividends will not qualify for the Governments Corona Virus Job retention scheme.

This at a time when most of the Civil Servce, Front line staff excepted, are sat at home on full pay and pension contributions, exchanging Whats App messages. Presmably they think its funny.

It is quite concerning, and I suggest unsustainable, when the people who generate the cash are being conned by the people they pay to serve them.

Also this is not just HMRC, it is the Conservative Government. Would Boris have behaved differently, I dont know. We will wait and see.

My strong recomendation is that they reverse this decision forthwith, or we will know once and for all that our politicians and the public sector only pay lipservice to business, but as soon as we need help they are no where to be seen.

This along with the complete mishandling of the Corona Virus scenario, will come out in the wash.

  • They should have stopped the planes in February.
  • They should have put cash directly into the economy not loans to Company directors – Those people they are excluding and now trying to put into debt.
  • They have had at least 5 years to prepare for this scenario – See Bill Gates 2015 Ted Video on Virus Pandemics.
  • What did they do to protect us – NOTHING. We that’s not quite true, they got paid with our money.

Even given the occurrence of the Covid 19 Virus, this was reported on 17th November 2019.They have had 5 months to prepare and have done precious little, except expose our doctors, who are now dying, to the virus by completely failing to provide the necessary protection. As I understand 25% of Doctors are staying at home as a direct consequence.

One could go on, its a long list with a long track record.

What is particularly hard to stomach is watching these people speak about us all pulling together and attempting to take credit for leadership and solving the problem that they themselves through (Fill in your own words here) have failed to prepare us for, or protect us from.

The one thing they have achieved is to prepare for the Dead. There are six thousand spaces like this ready and wating for you and your family members at an airfield hanger near you. That’s what I call reassurance. It also speaks volumes about their mindset. WABOW

Stay Safe. Look after each other. Noone else will.

Remember the Advice. If you feel  ill, Stay at home, Infect all your family members and friends, don’t go to the doctors and don’t visit a hospital, just call 111, but you can’t get through. Unlucky.

Imagine if they had said, If you feel ill go to this place, where we will quaranteen you, look after you, protect your family, and if you become seriously ill we will take you to hospital. In the interim we will pay your Family £1000 a month to help.

If they had done that at the outset, the virus would not have spread, and the economic consequences could have been avoided. Saving guess who, you and me and our pension funds billions of pounds.

Where would we have put them? Well, closed Army Barracks for a start. In 1990 the British Army had153,000, full time personnel, today in 2020 it is 79,000. The baracks have often been mothballed, so there are a potential 73,000 spaces there. Plus Airfields etc.

They Built the Nightingale hospital in 9 days. Why not 3 months ago?



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  1. Nick Stephens
    | Reply

    And today the numbers appear to show that 20% – THAT’S ONE IN FIVE – of those businesses will go bust at the end of THIS MONTH. That’s potentially 12% of the tax payers in the UK out of work and claiming benefit.

    ACT NOW!

    • Nick Brown
      | Reply

      Nick hi,
      To add insult to injury, the HMRC and Government are refusing to help Company Directors paid by their own dividends.
      CLICK HERE to see detailed Blog

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